Posted on: January 14, 2009 7:00 pm

Tony Dungy, we'll see ya in Canton.

In the last two years we have seen some real coaching legends go into retirement or on vacation, some on their own some asked to go by the franchises they led. Bill Parcels, Mike Holmgreen, Bill Cowher, Marty Shottenheimer, Mike Shanahan and now one of the best of them all Tony Dungy. Most of the media has said he is a sure thing hall of famer but alas the community members on CBS seem to disagree. Surprised? Not me, we tend to be very negative on this board. But since there is a debate, I thought I would give my case in favor of Tony Dungy.

I have gathered the stats of the current 21 head coaches that are in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame to show how Dungy stacks up.

Argument against Dungy: His .474 post season winning percentage is not hall of fame worthy!

Actually his 9-10 post season record is 16th out of the 22 coaches, there are only 9 coaches in the hall of fame that have won 60% of their post season games or better.

Argument against Dungy: He only won 1 Championship!

While I am sure you can say he could have won more there are 3 coaches in the hall who have no Championships at all and 2 who only have 1. 13 of the 21 coaches in the hall of fame have 2 championships or less.

Argument against Dungy: Anyone could have went to the playoffs 10 straight years with Peyton Manning!

Well first off the first 3 years of that streak were in Tampa bay who were a laughing stock before Dungy got there, secondly more than half of the coaches in the hall had a Hall of Fame QB on their team, but Tony Dungy has a better regular season winning percentage than all but 8 of them and out of that 8, five of them coached less games.


There really isn't any other arguments against him except I hear people on here say he is only going in because he was black. Which is evident by the fact that there isn't another black coach in the hall of fame! People love playing the race game here but with Dungy it has no place.

There are other factors into the greatness of Tony Dungy. Like the fact that dozens of players will tell you they are better men because they were coached by Tony Dungy, that on a lot of ways is more rewarding than the Super Bowl ring I am sure.

Another way we like to grade coaches in this era is by their coaching trees, A coaching tree is a list of coaches who became head coaches after spending time under a particular coaches tutelage. Tony Dungy has an impressive one here it is:

Lovie Smith Bears HC

Mike Tomlin Steeler HC

Herm Edwards Former Jets/Cheifs HC

Rod Marinelli Former Lions HC

Jim Caldwell Colts HC

Mike Shula Former Alabama HC

Leslie Frazier Vikings DC/ Probably future HC


After taking all things into consideration the 10 staright playoff births, the Tampa Bay turn around, the SB win, the coaching tree and the regular season record this is a no brainer; Tony Dungy = Hall Of Famer. By the way just another member of those 1970's Steelers to make the Hall.


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