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Least Successful North American Pro Sports Teams

Least Successful North American Pro Sports Teams

NFL -  Saints    (42 seasons) .411 winning%, 6 playoff years, 0 titles
NBA - Clippers  (39 seasons) .362 winning% 7 playoff years, 0 titles
NHL - Coyotes -Jets (29 seasons) .467 win% 16 playoff years, 0 division, conference or league titles
MLB - Nationals -Expos (41 years) .476 win% 1 playoff year, 0 pennants
MLB - Rangers -Senators (49 yrs.) .469 win% 3 playoff years, 0 pennants, 0 LCS appearences

When you look at it from here that .362 winning percentage sticks out like a sore thumb. I would have to say at this time the L.A. Clippers are the worst team of all time. They do have 6 more playoff appearences than the Expos/Nationals, but it is much harder to get into the post season in baseball, especially 20-40 years ago.

NFL Runners Up:
Texans       (7 seasons) .357 winning%, 0 playoffs
Buccaneers (33 seasons) .398 winning%, 10 playoff years, 1 championship
Falcons      (43 seasons) .411 winning%, 9 playoff years, 1 conference championship

The only reason I included a team with a ring is because of that low winning percentage, was surprised to see it is still so low. I also assumed we would cut the Texans a break since they are so young, but they deserved to be noted here.

NBA Runner Up:
Grizzlies (14 seasons) .326 winning%, 3 playoff years, 0 titles

NHL Runners Up:
Kings (41 years) .472 winning%, 23 playoff years, 1 conference and division title
Thrashers (9 years) .436 winning%, 1 playoff year, 1 division title

The thing about the NHL playoff seasons is that the NHL for years sent more than half of its teams to the playoffs. These days it is about the same % as the NBA, but in the early 80's for instance (when the Kings and Jets were playing) 16 of 21 teams went to the playoffs.

MLB Runner Up:
Brewers -Pilots (41 seasons) .474 winning%, 3 playoff years, 1 World Series loss

Here are some answers to the comments below.

Yep the Lions had a good run in the 50's and they had a decent run in the 90's. They went to the playoffs six times in the 90's, the Saints have only been there 6 times in their entire history. 

 I did consider the Lions but as far as "ALL Time" they arent the worst, the Cardinals were closer to the list.

Lions (79 seasons) .462 win%, 14 playoff years, 4 championships
Cardinals (89 years) .413 win%, 7 playoff years, 2 championships + 1 conference champ

The Cubs haven't won a World Series in a hundred years but they do have a .514 winning percentage all time and have been to the playoffs 6 times in the last 25 years, that is much better than the Rangers/Senators and Expos/Nationals.

The confusion about the Senators is because there were two different Washington Senator organizations, the first one became the Twins in 1960, the second one became the Rangers in 1972.

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