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Posted on: January 28, 2009 4:03 pm

My official Super Bowl XLIII prediction

It seems to me that the run game is the forgotten key to this game. I expect the <span style="color: #618bb5;">Cardinals to be absolutely shut down in the run game and the <span style="color: #618bb5;">Steelers to dominate with <span style="color: #276098;">Willie Parker. Parker has been healthy down the stretch and running very well. Baltimore held him down pretty well but there are only two defenses like that in football and the other one wears Black and Gold (no not the <span style="color: #618bb5;">Saints!), the Cardinals will not stop them. I expect Pittsburgh to out rush Arizona by more than 100 yards, thus even if Fitzgerald or Boldin go off the Steelers still win something like 31-17. Here is a nice stat line for the game:

<span style="color: #276098;">Ben Roethlisberger 17-26 204 yds 1 TD 0 INT

Willie Parker 26 carries 142 yds 2 TDs

<span style="color: #276098;">Hines Ward 5 rec 62 yds 1 TD

<span style="color: #276098;">Kurt Warner 24-42 285 yards 2 TD 2 INT sacked 5 times

Edgerrin James 11 carries 27 yards

<span style="color: #276098;">Larry Fitzgerald 9 rec 134 yards 1 TD

Steelers 31 Cardinals 17

MVP Willie Parker

Everyone keeps talking about Larry Fitzgerald being the key to this game. I think he will have a good game, I have no fantasy that the Steelers can shut down top wide outs for the full game, I mean they can, they have done it before but the rules are set up for defenses to lose this match up. But the fact is if you control the run game on both sides of the ball a WR can't win you a game. That is the Steelers philosophy and has been since about 1969. If you go back to pass over 40 times a game verse this team you will get yourself two (maybe three on your best day) TDs a game but you will also give up 5-10 combined turn overs and sacks and if you can't run the ball to counter act that, you will lose the game.

here are the Steelers this season verse the leagues best WRs (or atleast the best they have played against)

Week 1 <span style="color: #276098;">Andre Johnson 11 rec 112 ydds 0 TD Steelers 38 <span style="color: #618bb5;">Texans 17

Week 2 <span style="color: #276098;">Braylon edwards 3 rec 32 yds 0 TD Steelers 10 <span style="color: #618bb5;">Browns 6

Week 7 <span style="color: #276098;">Chad Johnson 8 rec 52 yds 1 TD, TJ Houshmandzadeh 8 rec 58 yds 0 TD Steelers 38 <span style="color: #618bb5;">bengals 10

Week 9 <span style="color: #276098;">Santana Moss 2 rec 14 yards 0 TD Steelers 23 <span style="color: #618bb5;">Redskins 6

Week 10 Reggie Wayne<span style="color: #276098;"> 6 rec 114 1 TD Steelers 20 Colts<span style="color: #618bb5;"> 24 (the Steelers only manage 55 yards rushing)

Week 12 TJ Houshmandzadeh 4 rec 20 yds Steelers 27 Bengals 10

Week 13 Randy Moss 4 rec 45 yds Wes Welker<span style="color: #276098;"> 4 rec 30 yds Steelers 33 Patriots<span style="color: #618bb5;"> 10

Week 14 T Owens 3 rec 32 yards 1 TD Steelers 20 Cowboys<span style="color: #618bb5;"> 13

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