Posted on: February 18, 2008 3:00 pm

Fantasy QB Ratings

Ok so this is very early but I thought I would have some fun and show my early 2008 Fantasy Draft rankings. After the NFL draft and free agency i will run the polls I did last year to get your input on this. I will start with the QB's:

  1. Tom Brady (if he loses Moss he is still number one he might just fall to the end of the first round)
  2. Peyton Manning (WR corps could be better than ever if Harrison is healthy considering Anthony Gonzalez)
  3. Tony Romo (was big time till about week 15, ceiling is too high to let him pass)
  4. Carson Palmer (too much talent both inside him and around him, he could break out for 40 and 4,000)
  5. Drew Brees (proved he is among the elite after an early season sputter, the defense is what kept them down)
  6. Brett Favre (the old man soared back to the head of the class last season)
  7. Ben Roethlisberger (most TDs ever by a Steeler QB last season, look for similar numbers again)
  8. Matt Hasselbeck (old reliable, you get good production year in and year out from him)
  9. Eli Manning (climbed into the top ten from week 15 on)
  10. Derek Anderson (would be a steal here if he can match 07 numbers)
  11. Donovan McNabb (his health knocks him down, his talent doesnt let him drop too far though)
  12. Marc Bulger (that offense was torn to shreds by injuries in 07, I expect a return to grace for Bulger in 08)
  13. David Garard (very accurate passer with some running ability too, could be a star in this league)
  14. Jay Cutler (started to show some of that potential we have been looking for, much is expected from him in 08)
  15. Philip Rivers (now he has the WRs to go with the rest of the package, its up to him to shine now)
  16. Vince Young (no comment till they get him some recievers)
  17. Matt Schaub (if he stays healthy look for him to use the most under rated weapon in America, Andre Johnson)
  18. Jason Campbell (shows all the signs of a good one, lets see if he can string a whole season together now)
  19. John Kitna (opffense getting back to balanced in 08, would expect huge numbers again)
  20. Jeff Garcia (steady and reliable, he will service as a low end back up in fantasy)
  21. Matt Leinart (potential, potential, potential, the weapons are there, is Leinart the guy to get it done?)
  22. Jake Delhome (if healthy he can get it into the hands of Steve Smith, that keeps him relevant)
  23. Tarvaris Jackson (started to come on at the end of 07, worth a flier)
  24. Trent Edwards (looked good for a rookie this year, can he get it deep to Evans?, its worth a late pick)
  25. Kellen Clemens (looks like a QB, big and strong, lets see if he can win like one)
  26. J'Marcus Russell (hmmmm, we'll see)
  27. Steve McNair (was disappointing to watch him last year, he may bounce back, but its unlikely)
  28. Kurt Warner (plays well enough for a roster spot when Leinart isnt in there)
  29. Alex Smith (last chance Alex, whats it gonna be?)
  30. Brody Croyle (ummm didnt really see the potential, Edwards says he does though, Bowe is a nice new weapon)


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